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The EZ Way to Measure and Manage Body Fat
"If you don't measure it, you'll never manage it"

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The Easy Way to
Measure & Manage Body Fat
"If you don't measure it, you'll never manage it!"

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Now, let's get started by exposing the 4 greatest Dieting Myths:

Myth #1: Diets Don't Work.
Of course diets work! They temporarily reduce your weight...nothing more. So why do you always gain the weight back? Because if you yo-yo between overeating, dieting, and overeating again, what have you learned? You certainly haven't learned to eat properly to maintain healthy weight. The problem isn't that diets don't work. The problem is that no one wants to learn how to eat properly to not get fat in the first place!
Check out: The Real Reason You Regain Weight.

Myth #2: Avoid Eating Fat.
There is no such thing as a "fattening food." Whether it is high in fat and calories or low in fat in calories, any food that contributes calories to your body is only fattening if you eat it when you have already eaten enough! So how do you know when you have eaten enough? Few people can correctly guess this amount. It involves more than just feeling filled up. You need to be aware of the balance between your calorie intake and your energy output...your Energy Balance*. If you try to control your weight without following your energy balance numbers, you will be as lost as a person trying to balance their bank account without looking at their dollars and cents!View Video:

Myth #3: Just Eat Less and Exercise More.
If it was that simple, none of us would have a weight problem. No one ever tells you that the more you exercise, the hungrier you get. And even if you manage to give up eating your favorite food for awhile, your weight loss results come so slowly, you might decide it's not worth the effort. For weight control, it really doesn't matter how much you eat and exercise, what matters most is knowing how to correctly balance your eating with your exercise.

Myth #4: Losing Weight Makes You Leaner.
It depends on what kind of body weight you lose: body fat or muscle. If you reduce your level of muscle by crash dieting, your ratio of muscle to body fat gets worse. The percentage of your body weight that is body fat increases, so you are actually fatter! Just getting thinner isn't the same as getting leaner. Stop counting pounds and start analyzing your Body Composition. Click on the following link to analyze your percentage body fat: View Video:
Percentage Body Fat Page.
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The Body Fat GuideFor more information about your Body Composition and Energy Balance, check out ...
The Body Fat Guide
The Easy Way to Analyze Your Body Composition and Energy Balance
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The Body Fat Guide Page.

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